The Answer 2 is coming soon!

We are now in the production development of The Answer II;

It will be brilliantly different! 

It depicts true stories of two major problems in our land; debt and drug abuse. This musical play delicately reveals the pain and grief experienced by two families; then starts the characters on the path of healing as they accept forgiveness from God, and from one another.

In a time with increased stress on our families; guilt, grief, and loss, are common loads bore by many.  Portraying the love and forgiveness of Christ in the visual medium of a musical play is a highly effective way to portray this message. 

We will keep you informed of the progress and eventual production details. We encourage you to visit informational videos below that show parts of the 2018 production.  Please consider making a donation to The Answer II as we continue in the development. The songs will touch anyone’s heart, exactly where they live.  

Here’s a sample of one of the new songs that deals with drug addiction:

My Predicament

And another, which is an inspiring song of hope based on faith:

My Daddy Knows What To Do
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SYNOPSIS for The Answer Two:




When John comes home from his Tool & Die business, he and his wife Kathy converse about their declining financial condition, including the continuing crisis with their teenage daughter’s drug addiction.  To further complicate things they have a discussion about the fact that Kathy’s niece and her eight and six year old daughters need a place to stay due to that she is now separated from her husband due to his drug addiction.  They tête-à-tête about things they have given up, and about things they will have to spend less money on.  John asks Kathy about her feelings since her job was eliminated.  Kathy reveals at the end of the scene that she and Grandma have been spending much more time together.  They have been listening to some music from the past and spending time in prayer for the family and finances.  She is appreciating her new stay at home job.  She says that she is very much enjoying her reconnection with God and her family.  John reveals that he is having very specific dreams describing how he can salvage his business and even expand.  Wealth provided opportunities for their children, but John and Kathy have not developed a close relationship with their kids.  They talk about some fun things that they could do as a family.


Because Amy and her husband Josh are now separated, Amy and their nine year old daughter, Sophia, and Jordan, (6) are at the home they are about to lose.  They have come to pick up more of Amy’s things.  Her best friend Nicole meets them there to assist in the process of moving.  Sophia is not at all excited about moving into the Chandler home.  Nicole prompts Amy to show Sophia a picture of their dog, DaVinci.  She shows much more interest when she sees the picture.  As they are leaving, Josh also comes to the house; and there is both turbulent and subtle drama.  His daughter, Sophia, with whom he has had a very close relationship with, leaves her father with a loving thought:  “I love you sooo much!, and I’m thinking about you all the time. (She details some of those things and then hugs him and whispers in his ear)  You know what to do”.  After they leave, these dramatic events hit Josh like a ton of bricks.  He recounts his losses and sings (“DREAMING”).


As they move into the Chandler home, Sophia is overcome with joy at meeting the family dog, an Afghan hound named, DaVinci Vincenzo.  Mike, John and Kathy’s twelve year old son, invites Sophia to join him for DaVinci’s walk.  Kathy and Grandma are very welcoming to all of them.  Before the walk they sing the (DaVinci Vincenzo song).  While Sophia is on the walk there is discussion about the cause and effects of Josh’s addictions.  When asked about how Sophia is coping, Amy responds by speaking about the point that she has the very same sanguine personality as her father, and is too confident about his recovery.  When Sophia returns she joins the conversation and speaks openly about the   close relationship she has with her dad.  She sings a short song about her experiences, and the positive hopes that she has in her heart for her dad’s future. (“My Daddy Knows What To Do”)


At rise:  This scene takes place at the recovery center

Josh and a group of other cohorts meet privately to discuss… and … Austin, from THE RECOVERY NETWORK, leads the meeting.  He offers to meet with anyone wanting a private conversation.  Josh taps him after the meeting to set up a time and place to meet.


SETTING: Chandlers’s family room                                                               

Grandma, Meghan, and Grandma, Amy, Jordan, and Sophia are in deep conversation about spiritual matters.  Kathy walks through the family room, on her way to her bedroom where she spends much time in prayer.  We hear Kathy praying for her family; and especially for her daughter Erica before she sings (“I AM WAITING”).  Immediately following this song, her angry teen daughter, Erica, comes home; Erica sings (“Love Me Like I Am”), just before they have a spirited mother/daughter conflict.  A plan is launched to help Erica with her drug addiction, among other things.  Kathy carefully steers Erica to find a new Christian based network of friends. 


Austin meets Josh at his residence.  While Austin is listening to him, Josh goes on and on about how he is missing his family.  He sings, (“My Predicaments”) to further tell us about the challenge he is facing.  When asked, Austin informs Josh that he lost his wife and family because he did not work on his recovery in time to salvage his marriage.  Austin also helps Josh to fully understand that; at the core of his recovery, there will have to be a spiritual transformation.  He gives Josh a thumb drive with verses from the Bible that will help him in the situations he is facing.  Josh asks Austin, “What are the odds that I will have a full recovery?” Austin talks about both immediate and progressive recovery. After more discussion on this subject, this becomes Jason’s tuning point where he embraces the natural and Godly Supernatural forces that greatly expedite his eventual full recovery. 

ACT ll


John and Kathy are chatting about several things that have improved.  John is in a more positive mood and sings a very short romantic, up-beat song (“What Is New”) to Kathy.  John asks Kathy why she spends so much time in their bedroom.  She informs John that she has renewed her relationship with God.  John’s interest is even more peaked when she tells him just how she is praying for him when he is away at work.  Robert now confirms that her prayers are working.  They dialogue about Erica and the improvement she is making.  He is somewhat open to hearing more about Jennifer’s spiritual explanations and experiences. John asks questions and then continues with more questions in the next song, (“This Presence Thing”).  It is here that Kathy reveals the key to finding THE ANSWER.  John brings more definition as to how her prayers are working and tells her more about the dreams and how it is positively affecting the Tool & Die plant.  He asks more questions about knowing and hearing from God.  Kathy, in rapid fire style, tells of past and present miracles that have happened.  John is encouraged and says that he plans to ponder their conversation.


Josh again meets with Austin and they talk about his Supernatural progress.  Josh is very articulate in describing his recovery; and his new found faith.  After Austin leaves, Josh receives a phone call from the Diesel Mechanic shop where he worked saying that they may now take him back under certain conditions…  Josh sings (“My Confession”)


John, Kathy, and Erica are together in the relaxed family room setting where they discuss Erica’s immediate deliverance from drugs.  Erica tells how she is having so much fun with her new found Christian youth, friends.  John sets up a breakfast date with Erica, like they used to do.  John receives a text from the other owner in the company merger, detailing possible problems; he wants to get together soon.  Kathy encourages him to seek God for wisdom and guidance. After getting into a quiet place where he prays and receives answers about the situation, he sings, (“To Know You”).


Out by a park bench, Josh meets his friend Nicole.  They continue conversation about his recovery from drugs and the fact that he now has his job back.  Nicole, who is a friend to both Josh and Amy, is joyful of the good news.  Josh expresses to her that he has accepted Christ and tells her just how much he misses his wife and daughter.  Josh conveys to Nicole what he will say to Amy the next time they meet.  Vanessa states to Josh that she was already on her way to meet Amy.


Nicole meets Amy and tells her the good news.  For a short time there is interaction with Sophia and Jordan.  Amy is to a certain degree skeptical but is somewhat convinced that his transformation is for real.  Nicole helps to arrange for a time and place for Jason and Meghan to meet.


After Josh gives his testimony to the Recovery network, and after the meeting is adjourned; he and Meghan converse together.  He continues his explanations in the song (“CHANGED”).  After a short time of courtship and the repairing of their relationship, Jason and Meghan ask Nicole to help plan a small wedding renewal of their vows with her minister as soon as possible.


John, Kathy, and Erica are recounting the miracles that they have experienced.  Where did these miracles come from?  Kathy confirms that the answers come from being in the presence of the Lord.  She begins to sing a worship song.  The renewal of vows for Josh and Amy will take place in the Chandler home.  They discuss some of the exciting details.


Amy & Nicole with Sofia share a wonderful moment before the Wedding Vow renewals.


Josh and Amy renew their vows with a few friends, Sophia, Jordan, and Vanessa’s minister.  There are times of silence, with tears of joy shared by all in attendance.  The minister asks the couple if they want to say anything to each other.  It starts with the song (“Say I Do”).   Amy says, “I never dreamed that in a very short time, so many wonderful things could take place…” After the vows, Josh speaks about how their lives and interests have changed and how God will be the center of their home and family.  This leads us into the reprise.  Near the beginning of the (“Reprise – Dreaming”), they come down stage-center as Josh sings the last part of the Reprise.  Josh then speaks to the audience, starting the call.

The Original Answer Play – 2018

THE ANSWER (I) is original 2-act musical play that premiered in June 2018 at the beautiful Victory Theater in Evansville, Indiana. While most initially identified with the theme of restoring family and faith, the script came alive as it was based on real-life stories.  The music transports you to a place where your heart is renewed, your faith is restored and tender romance still exists.

The songs will touch the heart even beyond the spoken words.  Have you ever been unjustly accused with no way to defend yourself?  That is a gut-wrenching experience…but then God is there.  THE ANSWER comes in a way that wasn’t quite expected.

This play will give you hope and renew your faith.  You’ll see all ages from young kids to a grandma…let’s just say you’ll see everyone and a dog! 

These true stories demonstrate how THE ANSWER is found in forgiveness, friendship, and in renewed romance…

Check out the highlight reel below from the Evansville Indiana production from June 2018:

What are people saying about The Answer?   Here’s a quick testimony by Jeff Riney:


The music was produced in Nashville – The actors and singers are of the same caliber.

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Synopsis of The Answer

SYNOPSIS of THE ANSWER: ACT I (“Hard Times”) Opening Song (“Ready To Hear”) When John comes home from work, he and his wife Kathy talk about the fact that she just received her last paycheck today and discuss the greater financial crisis they are now in. Their kids interrupt them briefly to tell them how …

Pre-Show Interview

Pre-show interview with THE ANSWER creators Jim and Cheryl Peterson, Music Producer Geron Davis, and Executive Producer Matt Moran.

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