Synopsis of The Answer

(“Hard Times”) Opening Song
(“Ready To Hear”)
When John comes home from work, he and his wife Kathy talk about the fact
that she just received her last paycheck today and discuss the greater financial
crisis they are now in. Their kids interrupt them briefly to tell them how bored
they are. John now makes less money because the factory where he works as
the main supervisor is struggling. To further complicate things they discuss how
they are going to have to tell their 19 year old daughter, Tonya, that she will
have to come home from college due to financial reasons and also because of
her bad behavior. They talk about things that they have given up and about
things that they will have to spend less money on. Kathy reveals at the end of
the scene that she and Grandma are spending time each day listening to some
special music while they are doing deep cleaning in the house, and spending
time in prayer for the family and finances. Wealth provided opportunities for
the children but John and Kathy have not developed a close relationship with
their kids. They talk about some fun things that they could do as a family.
Because Amy and her husband Josh are now separated, Amy, their 5 year old
daughter, Jordan, and her father Gary are at the home of Josh to pick up more
of Amy’s things. As they are leaving Josh comes home and there is drama.
With other complicating issues that turn out to not be true, Amy leaves him at
the insistence of her father. (“Dreaming”).
Bob, who is a local businessman, leads the neighborhood meeting where people
talk about issues in the neighborhood and in the community. Present at the
meeting is Josh and Nicole, (Amy’s maid of honor and their long-time friend).
Josh gives her an update of what life is like without Amy. Bob leads a high
energy song, (“Good Neighbor”).

Grandma and Danielle converse together in the family room where six year old
Danielle asks very interesting questions. John and Kathy come home from the
meeting and John goes to work and Kathy goes up to her bedroom while
Grandma and Danielle finish their conversation. We hear Kathy praying for her
family and she sings (“I Am Waiting”). Tonya hears her mother singing and goes
up to her bedroom where they have a spirited mother/daughter chat about her
postponed college career. (“Love Me Like I Am”)
John and Kathy in their family room converse about how a few things have
improved. John is in a more positive mood and sings a very short romantic, up-
beat song (“What Is New”)) to Kathy. John asks Kathy why she spends so much
time in their bedroom. She informs John that she has renewed her relationship
with God. John’s interest is peaked when she tells him how she is praying for
him when he is away at work. John confirms that her prayers are working. He
is somewhat open to hearing more about Kathy’s spiritual explanations and
experiences. Kathy reveals the key to finding THE ANSWER. John again
confirms that the prayers are working. (“The Good Times”).
Josh has an answer to his prayers. Tim Roland, the CEO of the company he
worked for comes to his house not only to give him his job back but to promote
him. He receives extra compensation for all of the aggravations he endured.
Mr. Roland is mostly sorry about how this affected the relationship with his
wife. Josh excitedly accepts the job offer. Josh sings (“The Confession”)
We see a new family dynamic as Tonya comes home from her new Job. While
Tonya and Kathy continue the conversation, John steps outside where he sings
(“To Know You”)
Josh sings a song expressing what he would like to say to Amy. (“Changed”).
Amy’s best friend, Nicole goes to her home to inform her about her
conversation with Josh. She convinces Amy that she was unintentionally, but
wrongly influenced to leave Josh. She tells Amy about how different Josh is and
that he has had a spiritual experience. She influences Amy to talk to Josh right

away and knows where they can meet the next day. Amy is excited about the
prospect of being together again with Josh.
At the neighborhood meeting, Nicole tells Josh what is happening and that Amy
will be coming to the meeting. Their dramatic greeting is most wonderfully
disruptive to the gathering. Amy reveals that she also is now also ready to
begin her journey of faith. Josh proposes to her, after talking to her father,
Gary, who rushed over to the meeting. Josh sings (“Say I Do”). The crowd
cheers them on with the announcement.
Josh and Amy in their refurbished home talk about their new exciting life
together. They come downstage center and Josh sings the reprise

Pre-Show Interview

Pre-show interview with THE ANSWER creators Jim and Cheryl Peterson, Music Producer Geron Davis, and Executive Producer Matt Moran.

Geron Davis joins THE ANSWER as music producer in Nashville

Geron Davis, a famous singer/writer/producer has produced the music for ‘The Answer‘.

If you remember the worship song, We Are Standing On Holy Ground, or In the Presence of Jehovah, you are somewhat familiar with THE ANSWER’S Music Producer, Geron Davis.  He is overseeing all the musical’s production while recording takes place in Nashville.  Also, Geron and Jim are co-writers for two songs for the play.

As a son of a preacher, Geron grew up singing and playing piano in church.  Continuing to compose and to sing for the glory of God, Geron is a well-known contemporary Christian Artist and producer.  THE ANSWER is very blessed to have him!