What is “The Answer”?


 If someone told you that your most difficult question has a solution, would you want to know THE ANSWER?  I think everyone would say, “Well, ya’!”  This two act musical play portrays how three families find solutions to their challenges as they connect with God in their own personal, unique way.

Your first reaction may be, “That sounds rather cliché,” but this play is based on actual events – real live people lived through these crises and found THE ANSWER.  They faced losing their job, going through a divorce, foreclosure on their home, and trying to reach an angry teenager.  I’m sure you or someone you know is facing at least one of these problems.

The songs will touch anyone whose expectations haven’t been fulfilled or have been put in difficult situations through no fault of their own.  Some of the answers in the play come in a way that wasn’t quite expected. 

This play will give you hope, and it will renew your faith as you watch what life is really all about.  You’ll see all ages from young kids to a grandma, and even a dog.  You’ll discover within these stories how THE ANSWER is found in forgiveness, it’s found in friendship, and it’s found in renewed romance.  This is a family friendly event.